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Arnold Schwarzenegger. Young Female Head. Stylized Character Head. Cartoon Like Head. Low-poly Head Base Mesh. Samuel free. Marisol Head. Free Base Female Head. Female head. Girl Head free 3D model. Young Man. Little Girl Head Rigged. Old Man Rigged 2. The Mask head Jim Carrey. Female Head Base Mesh.People love big statues, you can't deny it. And this is a big hand statue! But this Animated Hand Statue is not just a simple decorative object, it suddenly moves and attacks your player.

Comes fully animated and formatted for use in Unity and other engines with diffuse, normal, specular texture maps and many game-ready animations.

Features: Fully rigged, textured and animated. Polygon count: triangles. Textures: diffuse maps, normal map, specular map. Animations: idle taunt 1 taunt 2 attack 1 attack 2 attack 3 hit 1 hit 2 death. Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Cart is empty Cart is empty. View cart. My Account. Orders Compare list Wish list Track my order s Track my order s.

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hand statue 3d model

Add to wish list. Formats included:. Newsletter subscribe.Range data versus 3D models - a caveat on the use of these models The models in this archive are fairly widely used in the graphics, visualization, and vision communities.

Things people have done with these models include simplification, multi-resolution representation, curved surface fitting, compression, texture mapping, modeling, deformation, animation, physically-based simulation, texture synthesis, and rendering. The Stanford Bunny is particularly widely used, as surveyed by Greg Turk on this entertaining web page.

One use people have made of these models is as input for surface reconstruction algorithms, typically by stripping away the mesh connectivity and treating the vertices as an unorganized point cloud. We caution against this approach. Our zippering and volumetric range image merging methods produce smooth, usually manifold surfaces.

More specifically, they eliminate outliers in the range data, reduce noise, mask misalignments between range images, and generally hide many of the errors that arise naturally during 3D scanning. In this sense, our reconstructed models do not constitute realistic input data for a surface reconstruction algorithm. If you want to experiment with a new reconstruction algorithm, and especially if you want to compare its performance against existing methods, then you should start with real range data.

For many of the models in this archive, we have made this raw data available. Even if you start with real range data, if your goal is surface reconstruction, you should think twice about stripping away the mesh connectivity and treating the vertices as an unorganized point cloud.

While this strategy may be appropriate for the data produced by some 3D capture technologies - such as time-of-flight scanners, it may be inappropriate for others - such as swept-plane laser triangulation systems. In these systems, the scanner typically examines a high-resolution image of the reflected laser line, deciding from its profile in this image whether two adjacent vertices should be connected by a surface or not. Cyberware laser scanners do this.

Thus, if you discard mesh connectivity, you are discarding real and possibly useful information about the underlying surface.Last week we featured the British Museum's archive of downloadable 3D models of over richly historical objects in their collectionperhaps most notably the Rosetta Stone. But back inbefore that mighty cultural institution put online in 3D the most important linguistic artifact of them all, a project called Scan the World created a model of it during an unofficial community "scanathon," and it remains freely available to all who would, for example, like to 3D print a Rosetta Stone of their very own.

Scan the World hasn't limited its mandate to just artifacts and artworks kept in museums: among its models you'll also find large scale pieces of public sculpture like the Statue of Liberty and even beloved buildings like Big Ben. This conjures up the tantalizing vision of each of us one day becoming empowered to 3D-print our very own London, complete with not just a British Museum but all the objects, each of which tells part of humanity's storyinside it.

But as recent technological history has shown us, the most amazing developments tend to come out of the decentralized efforts of countless enthusiasts — just the kind of community powering Scan the World. The great achievements of the future have to start somewhere, and they might as well start by paying tribute to the greatest achievements of the past. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads.

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We have recently updated our Content Guidelines. Default Likes Copies Views Recent. All Downloadable. Lion Statue by Jason Shoumar 9. Brass Lion by ronzobot 50 2. Lion Statue by makwellzo 24 0. Lion Statue SHreya by thevisheshone 13 0.

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Metallic Lucy Statue Stanford Scan by nimiore 6 1. Lion Statue by thevisheshone 6 0. Metallic Lucy Statue Stanford Scan by esc 3 1. Metallic Lucy Statue by ckhronos 3 0. Statue Cultura Europia by Benjamin Schmidt 2 0. Metallic Lucy Statue Stanford Scan by esc 2 0.Standing at the peak of the meter high Corcobado Mountain, the statue can be admired throughout Rio.

Christ the Redeemer is 30 meters high, and is raised still higher by an 8 meter base. The statue's massive arms stretch 28 meters wide. Before this project, all 3D models and replicas were created by hand. Accurate 3D reconstruction was impossible as technology such as LiDAR was not able to scan all of the massive statue, due to its size, location, difficulty of access and challenging weather. Despite strong wind, fickle weather conditions, restricted hours for data acquisition, and inconsistent lighting, the project team acquired over 3, images for processing in Pix4Dmapper.

The impressive high-resolution model of Christ the Redeemer and its surrounding area are in the format of a point cloud with Poor visibility from fog and cloud cover was a challenge that the team needed to consider and adapt to each day during flight planning. Generally the clouds were low and often eclipsed the statues view from the city below early in the morning or after the frequent early morning rain showers.

As a result the ability to see the statue was reduced to between 5 and 50 meters for several days during the data acquisition time period.

The complex shape of the peak as well as micro weather and wind patterns encountered at the top of Corcovado Mountain created unique and challenging flying conditions. Wind that hits a peak or dome like Corcovado creates higher pressure on the wind facing side and lower pressure on the shadow side. This in turn can create a high velocity upward air stream to the front side and chaotic flow patterns that pull down on the other side.

It can also result in a discontinuous boundary at a certain elevation above the peak where the transition between the low and high wind speed is quite sudden.

The figure below shows the discontinuous effect of elevation on wind velocity on Corcovado Mountain. The Aeryon Scout flight control system performs position corrections at a hundred times a second. This allowed the UAV to stay in place while transiting the discontinuity. By comparison a UAV flown manually with a remote control would not operate as reliably under these conditions and could potentially drift off course 10 meters to the east-north in 1 second before the operator could respond appropriately.

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The changing weather conditions also made processing more difficult, as the light varied between extremely low light in cloudy and foggy weather to bright sunshine reflecting off the white surface of the soapstone tiles covering the statue. Christ the Redeemer is the most visited monument in Brazil To ensure the safety of visitors the project team was granted special permission from various administrations to enter the site before and after official visiting hours.

This limited flying time to just 1.

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During this project line of sight was maintained at all times between the operator and the Aeryon Scout. All flights were launched approximately 8 meters from the foot of the statue However these take-off locations were limited by the effect of the electromagnetic disturbances around the statue, caused by the large amount of iron in the terrace support structures that are designed to support the weight of the statue as well as the thousands of visitors. The take-off area was also restricted to a 1m x 1m area due to the many electrical cables that were used to light the monument and surrounding area each night.

Accounting for all of these factors left little time for flights and called for well-defined flight paths planned ahead of time. Due to a higher-than-usual payload, the Scout drone could only fly for 15 minutes at a time, instead of the usual The team agreed to add a 5 minute safety margin, resulting in a flight time of just 10 minutes per battery. Before and after each flight, the team needed 5 minutes to download data, change the batteries, estimate flying and lighting conditions and launch again.

The image optical zoom was locked to avoid a reduction in focus depth and to maintain image quality. Over eight days, the team flew a total of 19 times, each flight concentrating on capturing a different aspect of the statue.Man Nature Office People Plants.

Robot Technology Trees Vehicles Woman. Sale ends in days hours minutes seconds. Free Statue 3D Models. Statuette of a Sheep with a barrel. Angelina Jolie. Pine wood natural shape decoration. Pagan Statues. Falling - male anatomy. Dark Knight Bust. Thai Sandstone Female. Stan Lee. Creature Gob. Kotori Decoration.

L'Oiseau Figure. Jonathan Adler Ceramic Wild Boar.

hand statue 3d model

Vase and Osiris Statue. Alien - 3D Printable. Potted plant with Eye Of Horus. Head Lion sculpture. Wu Tang Clan Logo Statuette. Indian woman bust. Unicorn statue.

hand statue 3d model

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